Teen Challenge Connecticut | Staff
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staff-1775_d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427eExecutive Director                                     
Vermont & Connecticut

In 1997 Rick Welch was desperate to change his life after years of drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Hopeless and destitute, he decided to give Teen Challenge a try.

At the Teen Challenge center in New Haven, Connecticut, Rick found new life and new purpose. Eternally transformed, he longed to bring God’s healing touch to those who are as hopeless as he once was. Upon completion of the program, Rick decided to stay on and serve in the ministry, first as an intern and then moving to a staff position. He soon realized that he would never desire to do anything with his life except to serve God and to passionately bring the inspirational message of the Gospel to the addicted and to their hurting families.

After years of visiting and ministering in Vermont with the Connecticut choir, Rick desired to expand the ministry there and in 2003 he was appointed Executive Director of the first Teen Challenge in Vermont. Today, Rick oversees both the Connecticut and Vermont Teen Challenge campuses.

Rick attended Global University and is credentialed with the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God. He and his wife, Carrie, live in Johnson, Vermont with their son, Timmy.

sstokesSteven Stokes

Program Supervisor

Steven Stokes came into the doors of Teen Challenge Connecticut in 2011. He was battling a heroin addiction, alcoholism and a life of violence that he could not escape. God miraculously saved him in August of 2011, and continues to grow and keep him. He is the program supervisor in Connecticut Teen Challenge and has a heart to minister to the lost, and see broken lives transform into lives that honor and love God. He is very privileged to serve God in such a capacity and is humbled when he looks how far God has brought him.

manny1Manny Barreto

Resident Life Supervisor

In 2012 Manny Barreto entered Teen Challenge after suffering from an amphetamine overdose. Surrounded by medical equipment and crying family, he made the decision to relocate from his native Brooklyn, New York to New Haven, Connecticut and never looked back. Almost five years later, Manny is now the Resident Life Supervisor in Connecticut and remains committed to fulfilling God’s will for his life, and carrying on the mission of the Teen Challenge ministry.

jeff-1Jeff Cifarelli

Development Supervisor

Jeff entered Teen Challenge Vermont in 2009.  The following year 2010 he asked the Lord Jesus Christ to become his Lord and Savior.  Since then, he has never been the same.  Every time he struggled with who he was, he was reminded of who he IS- in Jesus. Today he is employed full time as Teen Challenge Connecticut’s Development Supervisor. He is married to the love of his life, and together they own their first home in Connecticut.

larry 1Larry Campos

Admissions Coordinator

Lawrence was brought up in a loving Christian family in Putnam, CT. He rejected God and chose to live a life of indulging the flesh. He very quickly found himself addicted to drugs, homeless and completely broken. Without anywhere else to turn Lawrence cried out to God for help, and He answered. Through the grace of God’s divine intervention Lawrence entered the doors of Teen Challenge Connecticut July 15, 2014 and his life was radically changed. He discovered what it truly means to have a relationship with Jesus. Lawrence has given up his life of self-indulgence and pursues a life of service. He is currently enrolled in college and serves as Teen Challenges Admissions Coordinator.